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Slip-and-fall threats are all around you in Miami

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2018 | Personal Injury |

It’s true that the winter doesn’t change Florida’s weather much, with temperatures still averaging above freezing. That doesn’t mean that winter is free of hazards, though. With rains, possible hurricanes and other hazards, slip-and-fall accidents could happen at any time.

Miami is home to beautiful beaches, for example, but the sandy areas pose a threat. When sand collects on roads or around properties, it could result in skidding or sliding, which could cause you to fall, get into a car accident or suffer other injuries. Likewise, the risk of slick roads and walkways following heavy rains or particularly high waves could result in an accident.

Not every accident is a result of negligence, but if business owners or property owners don’t take steps to negate the effects of the weather, you could be in a position to file a claim. For example, if the business owner doesn’t have treads on the steps outside his or her business, he or she could be held liable if someone slips and falls because the steps get too slick. The same might be true if someone falls as a result of the business owner not installing a handrail.

What can you do to avoid a slip-and-fall accident?

The main thing you can do is watch where you’re going carefully. Although people often expect businesses to do everything they can to protect their customers, that doesn’t always happen. If you see unnatural accumulations of sand or water, let the business owner know. If he or she already knows and someone gets hurt, it may be easier to point out that the owner was negligent and didn’t take steps to eliminate a hazard on the property.


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