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Here’s what to look for in your next contractor

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2018 | Construction Litigation |

Contractors and adjusters have a responsibility to their clients. They should provide bids for the work they will perform that match with industry standards. They should hold to the contracts you have. They certainly should do high-quality work on the budget they agree to.

When you contract with contractors, it’s important to avoid going with the first contractor you talk to. You need to get several bids, so you can see a variation in how much each contractor thinks the job will cost. Get a schedule and learn more about each contractor’s guarantees.

It’s another good idea to consider local contractors. Not only are they closer to you, they’re also more likely to be well-known in the community. Be wary of contractors with few reviews or poor reviews, as they could complete work that isn’t up to your standards.

One more important factor is what your contractor looks and acts like. Is he or she professional? Does he or she ask for payments in advance or cash instead of checks? You need to work with someone who has the financial backing to complete projects as well as someone willing to take protected forms of payment.

Remember to get a signed contractor from any licensed contractor you hire. Before you agree to the terms, look over the document carefully. You want to know that you’re protected in the case that the contract falls through or the contractor doesn’t do what you’ve asked for. A thorough review will help you prevent the worst from happening.

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