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Hurt? Look for a bilingual attorney to help

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2018 | Personal Injury |

With any personal injury, part of the claim has to be good communication. When you file a claim, it has to be understandable in the insurance agency’s preferred language. Even in Florida, there are agencies that prefer claims made in English over Spanish. Some have translators and workers who speak both languages, but the burden is still on you to make sure your claim is clear.

For most people, working with a bilingual injury attorney is a key component to obtaining the most compensation for your injuries. One thing to keep in mind is that an attorney who struggles to understand you or whom you struggle to understand is probably not the best fit for your situation. So, what can you do?

Work with bilingual attorneys and agents

For your case, it’s important to work with bilingual or Spanish-speaking professionals. Why? There are a few reasons including that they:

  • Speak the same language as you fluently.
  • Know the nuances of the language and the meaning of inflection, tone and slang in your home language.
  • Can explain the case and claim to you in your native tongue, making it easier for you to comprehend what’s happening than if you worked with a native English speaker only.
  • Understand the differences between cultures and can help explain situations as they arise when they are in conflict of what one would expect in another country.

As a victim of an accident, you deserve to work with people who understand you and your plight. There is no reason that you should be talked down to or even biased against because you don’t speak English as fluently as native-born speakers.

One thing your attorney can help with is accessing agents at the insurance firm who speak Spanish. Additionally, he or she can help you access forms in Spanish, so you understand what you’re signing. It is far too easy to make mistakes when signing documents in a foreign language, so obtaining them in a language you understand fluently is vital to making well-informed decisions during any court case.

Today, there are many bilingual individuals in the United States and other countries. There is no excuse for victims having to struggle to understand their rights or what they have to do to make an appropriate claim. With support from a bilingual attorney and other business professionals, you can understand what you need to do and have professional translation services when necessary.


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