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Stay safe Labor Day weekend by following these safe boating tips

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2018 | Personal Injury |

The Labor Day weekend is fast approaching, which means millions of people will enjoy the final days of the summer before getting back into the full swing of things at school. Summer jobs are winding down. Colleges are hosting new student orientations. Whatever it is you have planned for after Labor Day, it can wait. Enjoy the final days of summer in Miami with these safe boating tips.

Every person on the boat or watercraft must have a lifejacket. Make sure each person tries one on prior to leaving the dock and that it fits properly. They do not have to wear the lifejacket while the boat is moving but should be able to show it to a police officer or member of the Coast Guard when asked.

Make sure the forecast is in your favor. Check the tide calendar so you don’t get stuck in shallow water. If there is rain, high wind, high swells or lightning in the forecast. you should avoid going out on the water.

Have a first aid kit on the watercraft in the event anyone gets sick or injured. This should include band aids, medical tape, pain medication for headaches, masks, medical scissors, gauze and more.

Never go boating alone. If something happens to you. how will you notify authorities? Always have someone accompany you in the event of an accident. Also, make sure your ship-to-shore radio is charged if it runs via battery.

Boating safety is very important no matter your experience level when out on the water in Miami. The more conscious you are of your surroundings and safety, the less likely it is that you will be involved in an accident that causes an injury to you or a passenger.


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