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September 2018 Archives

10-month-old airlifted after suffering a dog bite

Children face some of the highest levels of risk when it comes to dog bites. Their size and strength make it harder for them to protect themselves, and they stand right at the height of the dog's head. This often means they are more likely to suffer injuries to areas like the neck, face and chest, whereas an adult may get bitten on the leg.

Does economic standing influence how likely patients are to sue?

As a doctor, the unfortunate reality is that you worry about getting sued. In every profession, mistakes happen. You know that you are only human. But the stakes feel incredibly high because your patients may turn around and sue you and the hospital for an error they think you should have prevented -- whether that is realistic or not.

Why you should never work through an injury

There are some people out there who have a very high tolerance for pain. This could be the reason why so many try to work through an injury they suffer on the job. Because of their high tolerance for pain, they might think that the injury is not that bad, which could wind up leading to a very serious situation. The longer the person works through the injury, the less likely it is that they could secure workers' compensation from their employer.

Common signs of a poor contractor

When the time comes to find a contractor for your bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel or to finish your basement, you will want to find the best out there. Don't settle for a contractor that doesn't come with strong recommendations from trusted people close to you. If you do, you very well could wind up begging them to come finish the project. Here are some common signs of a poor contractor so you are not out of luck with your project.

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