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Locals complain about excessive wrecks at dangerous intersection

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2018 | Personal Injury |

Two people recently died in a car accident at a notorious intersection in Florida, and local residents are now complaining that it is extremely dangerous.

One woman, who has two teen children herself, called the intersection between Pope Road and SR 64 “horrible.” She went on to say that “something needs to be done about this intersection in particular.”

The recent accident really resonated with her because the two people who died were teenagers. One was just 15 years old and one was 17 years old. In the second vehicle, a young girl who is almost a teen — she is 12 years old — suffered serious injuries. The latest reports said that she was in the hospital and listed as being in critical condition.

These are by no means the only people to get hurt in crashes at that intersection. News reports found a full 10 wrecks in the past year alone. Numerous wrecks led to injuries.

The officials said that they do have plans to change the intersection. They want to turn it into a roundabout, to make it safer. However, the current plan says that will not be built until around 2023, and that’s only if things stay on schedule. If there are 10 accidents per year until then, the intersection could claim more lives before improvements are made.

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