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October 2018 Archives

How long will a broken bone take to fully heal?

As you sit on your couch after getting medical treatment for a fractured bone, you're probably wondering how long you're going to be stuck there. When will the injury heal? How long does it take? After all, a serious injury can keep you out of work, so now you're forced to deal with both lost wages and medical bills.

Why to write out a contrac rather than using a handshake deal

It can feel a bit awkward to ask someone for a written contract when they just want to shake hands and call it good. However, the reality is that handshake deals can be very problematic. You absolutely want to get that contract on paper.

5 reasons that construction projects run behind schedule

When a construction project runs behind schedule, it can cost the property owner a fair amount of money. For instance, perhaps the business that the building is being constructed for is fairly seasonal. By running four months behind, the owner misses the season, misses that income and then has to open the doors during the offseason when there is just not much business. You can imagine how problematic this is for a young company.

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