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5 reasons that construction projects run behind schedule

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2018 | Construction Litigation |

When a construction project runs behind schedule, it can cost the property owner a fair amount of money. For instance, perhaps the business that the building is being constructed for is fairly seasonal. By running four months behind, the owner misses the season, misses that income and then has to open the doors during the offseason when there is just not much business. You can imagine how problematic this is for a young company.

So, why do projects run behind? There are a lot of reasons, including the following:

  1. Resources run out: Construction projects must have materials and supplies to move forward. A delay in ordering means the work crew has nothing to do.
  2. The weather causes delays: You cannot control the weather, and the weather in Florida can get downright violent at times.
  3. The subcontractors are not reliable: The general contractor may give an estimate and a quote with a deadline that he or she can hit, but subcontractors that miss deadlines can hold up the entire project.
  4. The crews are just overbooked: One project runs behind, then the next. The company does not have enough employees to do everything that it is contractually obligated to do.
  5. Unexpected changes come up: For instance, if it’s a renovation project, the company may find out that parts of the original building are not structurally stable after all and it needs to be rebuilt almost from the ground up.

Delays and other issues on a construction site can cost numerous people a lot of money. It is important for all those involved to understand the legal options they have.


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