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January 2019 Archives

Make sure your attorney is informed about client claims

Your construction team is among the best, so you were shocked when a client came back to tell you that they wanted to file a claim for construction defects. They claim that there was damage to concrete, problems with their building's structure and even water damage. To have all these defects, a serious problem would have had to have happened during construction, but no one on the team could think of anything that hadn't been done correctly.

Be wary of ballpark estimates in a contract

If you consider signing a contract that does not really specify the financial details, instead giving you a ballpark estimate that may or may not be accurate, you need to be concerned. Take the time to look over the details and don't sign anything until you really understand what you're agreeing to.

Would harder driving tests prevent accidents?

A driver makes an incredibly simple mistake and causes an accident that puts you in the hospital. Maybe they turn the wrong way on a one-way road, fail to use a round-about properly or run a stop sign because they don't realize they need to stop. There are plenty of potential ways that accidents can happen after even the simplest of errors.

The problem with prey drive

Have you ever seen a news story about a dog bite and read quotes of disbelief from the dog's owners? They probably insisted that the dog was always nice and kind around the house. They probably said that it came out of nowhere. They probably seemed just as confused as the person who got hurt.

If someone else breaks a contract, do you have any obligations?

You and a supposed business partner sign a contract. Your companies agree to work with one another. Perhaps you're buying parts for a specific product that you make and sell, and the other company is the supplier. You agree to pay X amount for monthly shipments of the parts that you need.

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