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February 2019 Archives

Not all accusations of medical malpractice are legitimate

As a medical provider, one of your worst nightmares is doing your best with a patient's care and finding out that they're seeking a malpractice lawsuit against you. Even if you did nothing wrong, some patients believe that this is an easy way to get a settlement or to be paid for what they perceive as mistakes.

A good defense protects your business' bottom line

As an insurer, it's in your best interests to limit the amount you pay out in benefits. Of course, you do right by your clients and pay out when they have legitimate claims. However, not all claims are legitimate, and you need to know when you can reject claims fairly.

Multiple crashes show the importance of following traffic laws

There were several major collisions that took place on Feb. 9 in and around Miami. These collisions were likely preventable or could have been mitigated in many cases, potentially protecting those who were hurt or killed. Sadly, several people were killed and others were hurt in these crashes.

Government shutdown affects business contracts

When you're contracted to work for another company, you expect to get paid. That's a problem that is faced by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents at Punta Gorda Airport (PGD). The government has already shut down once, and if there is a shutdown again, it could mean that these agents are again working without pay.

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