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Pedestrians can take steps to prevent accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2019 | Personal Injury |

In Miami, there are lots of ways that you could get hurt. If you’re a pedestrian who is struck by a vehicle, you could suffer serious injuries.

Pedestrians need to be as careful as possible to avoid collisions with motor vehicles. They must always look both ways before crossing any road and try to cross at intersections.

Miami is a special area, though, because the city attracts tourists from all over the country and from throughout the world. Keep that in mind when you are a pedestrian. Drivers may not be familiar with the roads, and they may not be sure where walking paths or popular areas are located. They could make accidental turns down residential streets or turn the wrong way on a one-way road.

How can you prevent a pedestrian accident?

Checking the street for cars before crossing is one way to help prevent an accident, but there are others.

One good tip is to travel in groups. Drivers are more likely to see a group of pedestrians rather than a single pedestrian. Another tip is to avoid walking at dawn or dusk. The light from the sun can be in drivers’ eyes at these times, which creates a higher probability of accidents taking place.

What should pedestrians do if they are involved in an accident?

If you are hit by a driver, you or they should call 911 immediately. Once you’ve gotten the medical attention you need, you can turn your focus to pursuing a claim against the at-fault driver for any injuries and damages that you have suffered.


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