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July 2019 Archives

Protect yourself against fraudulent insurance claims

When a person makes an insurance claim, an insurance company has to do its due diligence to make sure that the claim is legitimate. Some people do try to make more out of a situation than it is. They may claim that they're badly hurt despite having little evidence to support such a severe injury.

Get help with your personal injury case after an accident

If you are hurt in a car crash, one of the things you can do is file a personal injury claim against the other party's insurance or against them directly. Most of the time, people carry car insurance, which means that you can file a claim with the insurance carrier and negotiate with them directly to get your medical care and financial losses covered.

Get help with your construction litigation case

Construction litigation most often occurs when something happens that ruins a piece of construction or when a job is not getting done. Litigation can be used to hold a construction company liable for mistakes they made or to sue a contractor over violating a contract.

Here's why an arbitration clause is smart

Contract disputes can end a seemingly perfect project over problems with pay, materials or other issues. In most cases, people who have disputes can work through them and come up with a solution that will help them resolve the issues they're having. Other times, it's necessary to fall on a backup plan.

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