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Who can you hold liable for a dog-bite incident at the beach?

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2019 | Personal Injury |

With summer here, you know that Miami is going to be booming with tourists. One thing that is also almost certain is that many of these people will bring their pets with them to the city.

There’s something endearing about watching a family pet play with a Frisbee on the beach, but it’s also potentially dangerous if an animal isn’t well-controlled. Any pet could become irritated from the hot weather or be scared by a sudden ocean wave. In the wrong circumstances, that once-friendly pet could cause trauma on the beach when it attacks a person or another pet.

What can you remember about being safe around animals on the beach?

Generally speaking, most beaches are going to have leash laws. Pets are expected to be under control, even if they’re beside their owners and enjoying a walk along the water. Since many animals won’t be familiar with the area, you should take strides to avoid approaching people you don’t know unless you call out and ask if it’s okay. Most people will be able to tell you if their pet is friendly or can take steps to secure them before you approach.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some animals could be strays. Sadly, some are left on the beach or dumped by owners. They may still have microchips, so if they attack due to illness or out of fear, you may still be able to hold the owner of the pet liable, even if they were not at the scene of the dog-bite incident.


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