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Building codes are important: Here’s why

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2019 | Construction Litigation |

When you’re building any kind of structure, whether it’s a new patio on a home or installing electrical units throughout a brand-new hospital, the fact is that you need to make sure to follow code requirements. Even if a new home or building is beautiful, an aspect of it that causes a code violation can be extremely serious and costly.

Speaking specifically about housing, it’s important to keep the properties up to code. Every time work is done on the property, building codes should be followed.

Why are building codes important?

Building codes are there to establish standards for safety. They ensure the safety, well-being and health of the occupants, trying to help guarantee that no shortcuts are taken when constructing or repairing the building. Without them, there could be fire hazards or structural problems introduced into a building that put the occupants at risk.

It is most important for new properties to be up to code, but that doesn’t mean that older properties shouldn’t be updated when possible. Inspectors, when called, will review the property and make sure that the foundation is poured correctly, that radon mitigation hardware is in place and that the walls are properly secured. From making sure the electrical outlets aren’t overloaded to using the right materials, inspectors will make sure a home is up to code before allowing the property to pass the inspection.

New properties are likely to be up to code, but if yours is not, then it’s time to look into your legal options. Contractors, subcontractors and others need to make sure the building codes are followed to keep everyone safe.


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