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October 2019 Archives

Have you tried these ways of reducing the likelihood of disputes?

In construction, you may find you're involved in a dispute if one of the parties breaches the construction contract. Construction disputes can also happen because of delays, not meeting the conditions of a contract or because one party is just making unsubstantiated claims.

An insurance defense attorney helps protect your bottom line

Insurance companies have a job to do: They have to make sure they pay out but also protect their bottom line. Insurance defense isn't about limiting payouts to deserving patrons. Instead, it's about protecting insurance companies against false claims and exaggerated claims that could put stress on the company's finances.

Rollover crash leads to 3 injuries in Miami-Dade

Miami is known for beautiful weather and amazing beaches, but sadly, it's also known for being a place where crashes are common. Tourists and others who may not be familiar with the area could cause collisions. People rushing to work may become distracted and move into the wrong lane.

Crash leaves 2 seriously hurt, 5 injured in Miami-Dade

Car crashes can happen unexpectedly and result in injuries almost instantaneously. For those involved, the sudden crash is life-changing. The victims may need to have surgery, have painful conditions that require physical therapy or other medical treatments and struggle to go back to the lives they lived before.

How to protect store windows from hurricane damage

Windows provide value for many brick and mortar shops across the country. They often help show off their product line and draw consumers into their stores. However, shop owners may want to make sure their windows are strong and durable enough to decrease the damage they may endure during tropical storms in Florida.

Is water incursion in your new home due to construction defects?

Thanks to its ecosystems and weather patterns, Florida is an incredibly wet state. Much of the land that builders and developers currently work on was once wetland or at least soil with improper drainage. Engineers and architects have found many ways to work around naturally wet soils, allowing for the construction of buildings in places that would once have been uninhabitable.

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