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An insurance defense attorney helps protect your bottom line

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2019 | Insurance Defense |

Insurance companies have a job to do: They have to make sure they pay out but also protect their bottom line. Insurance defense isn’t about limiting payouts to deserving patrons. Instead, it’s about protecting insurance companies against false claims and exaggerated claims that could put stress on the company’s finances.

If your company is being sued or has a claim filed with it, it’s important to have a team on your side. The right legal assistance does make a difference.

Why hire an insurance defense attorney?

Insurance defense attorneys specialize in different areas of insurance and help make sure that a company is following the law. If a client litigates, the attorney helps protect the insurance company by working out if the claims process and fulfillment of a policy have been carried out as stated in the company’s paperwork. If so, the attorney is there to fight for them. If not, they’re there to negotiate and prevent long-term damage to the company’s name.

On top of this, the insurance industry is highly regulated. That means that it’s necessary to have legal expertise to manage changes and amendments to insurance law, the management of policies and other factors influencing the insurance industry.

No insurance company should take claims at face value. If they do, they could be losing hundreds or thousands of dollars when claims are exaggerated or even completely made up. It’s valuable to have claims investigated to protect the interests of the insurance carrier.

Our website has more on insurance defense and why it’s such an important area of law to look into.


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