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How to protect store windows from hurricane damage

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2019 | Insurance Defense |

Windows provide value for many brick and mortar shops across the country. They often help show off their product line and draw consumers into their stores. However, shop owners may want to make sure their windows are strong and durable enough to decrease the damage they may endure during tropical storms in Florida.

Window damage can lead to more significant issues

Floridian business owners are no strangers to heavy rain, winds and even hurricanes. Businesses can get battered in storms when an excess of rain and wind shatter glass windows. The breaking of the glass can flood the building, ruin its equipment and destroy the store’s interior. Many store owners understand the long-lasting effects this can have on their livelihood. On the panhandle in Pensacola, many shops in the area may never be able to recover due to the intensity of Hurricane Michael back in 2018.

Protecting windows during a tropical storm

This is what business owners should consider if they want to cushion a storm’s impact on their store:

· Make sure the windows are replaceable with plywood.

· Cover the windows with hurricane film.

· Avoid putting duct tape over the windows.

· Install plastic shutters.

· Invest in fabric storm panels.

Window protection can curb further destruction

While the damage may be inevitable from a severe tropical storm. If you own a business in Florida that has been subject to severe storm damage, an experienced attorney can help evaluate your claim and get you the compensation you deserve.


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