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Rollover crash leads to 3 injuries in Miami-Dade

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Miami is known for beautiful weather and amazing beaches, but sadly, it’s also known for being a place where crashes are common. Tourists and others who may not be familiar with the area could cause collisions. People rushing to work may become distracted and move into the wrong lane.

Accidents are bound to happen. Take, for example, this case involving two vehicles that collided in Miami-Dade. They were traveling on 22nd Avenue and State Road 9 when they struck each other, causing one vehicle to roll.

According to the emergency team from Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, a victim was trapped inside one vehicle and had to be removed with hydraulic tools and techniques. The individual was then airlifted to the hospital.

Two other people were also injured in the crash and taken to a local hospital. Following this collision, the police shut down the road in both directions so that the trapped patient could be removed and transported safely.

This is one example of how a collision can result in injuries to many people. Regardless of who is at fault, it’s important for everyone to seek medical care and to be taken to the hospital for treatment. Even if you don’t know if you’re injured, it’s still wise to have a medical professional perform an exam to identify any injuries you may not have noticed.

If you are involved in a serious collision, it’s important to speak with someone who can help you file a claim and seek the compensation you deserve. You should never have to pay for the injuries that you’ve suffered since you were not the person who caused the accident. It’s only fair that those responsible foot the bill.


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