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Owner to remove dog after dangerous attack in Florida

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2019 | Personal Injury |

If a dog is dangerous, it’s normal for people to want to have it removed from their neighborhood. After all, if that dog decides to become aggressive, it could hurt or even kill someone.

After an attack in a Florida neighborhood, one dog has been removed. According to the victim, he was walking his 5-pound, 3-year-old mini-poodle when a large dog started charging at him. The large dog went after the smaller dog, but the pursuit led to injuries for the 86-year-old man. He suffered from rope burn caused by the leash as he attempted to keep his small dog out of the other dog’s mouth.

The small dog had numerous puncture wounds and lacerations on its rear, but it was fortunately able to escape when its harness slid off during the attack. The other dog then went back to his owner, who the man reported did nothing but walk away.

The Animal Control Unit found that the bigger dog, named Romeo, lived in the neighborhood. They spoke to the owner and got them to agree to pay the vet bills and to remove the dog. If they don’t comply, then they’ll be cited.

This wasn’t the first time that Romeo the dog had attacked others. He bit the leg of a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer in 2018. Dogs can only be labeled as dangerous in Florida if they have caused a victim to suffer from multiple bites, disfigurement, wounds requiring surgery or broken bones. There also has to be more than one attack reported. In this case, the incidents didn’t meet the statute restrictions, so the dog is not labeled dangerous.


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