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January 2020 Archives

CNN settles contract dispute after over a decade of litigation

Contract disputes can sour business relationships and hurt both contractors and their clients. Breaching a contract is often serious because it can result in financial losses and damages. A homeowner, for example, may see that a project is not done on time and be upset because they have to continue to live elsewhere, costing them much more money than expected. An employee might sue over a violation of a contract that leads to a loss of compensation.

As electric scooters become popular, crashes draw attention

If you love getting around the city with an electric scooter, you might be in for a surprise when you see the following news. Researchers claim that thousands of people end up in hospitals, and even more people get hurt, using these devices. Now, the electronic scooters are being blamed for tens of thousands of injuries all over the United States.

Protect your company against a bad-faith insurance claim

When a person makes an insurance claim, they may believe that it will be approved without question. The reality is that the individual may not get the results they were expecting. The insurance company's policy may not cover that particular type of injury or accident, leaving the alleged victim without the ability to claim.

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