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You don’t need health insurance to get care after a crash

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2020 | Personal Injury |

For many people in Florida, the cost is a big issue when they need medical care. Not everyone has health insurance, which means that going to the hospital or doctor’s office can be impossibly expensive. It may seem like a better option to try to wait out an illness or treat yourself with home remedies and over-the-counter medication than to see a doctor because you have the flu.

Even for people with health insurance, cost-sharing obligations for their insurance may be high enough that they just avoid getting medical care unless they absolutely need it. Some of these people will delay or refuse necessary care, a decision that could hurt them in several ways.

After a car crash, those without insurance or with high deductibles may think that avoiding the hospital could be a way to keep their expenses and low. However, you don’t need to have health insurance to receive treatment after a car crash.

Every driver in Florida should have medical liability coverage

Florida’s vehicle insurance program works based on fault. If the other driver caused the crash, their insurance covers your costs. Every driver has an obligation to carry at least a minimum amount of insurance, including at least $10,000 worth of injury protection in case they cause a crash where someone gets hurt.

Some drivers have more than the minimum amount of coverage, which is very beneficial if you have serious injuries. You might even have coverage that protects you against low-benefits policies. Either the other driver’s car insurance or your own will be what pays for your care. You can inform the staff at the hospital that you are there because of a car crash, and they won’t need to bill your health insurance.

Not going to the doctor might cost you later

If your injuries are worse than you think at first or have a longer-lasting impact than you initially hoped, they could affect your earning potential. Waiting to see a doctor might mean that your injuries get worse or become harder to treat.

Some people will have to seek medical care despite refusing it initially after a car wreck. The longer you wait to see a doctor, the harder it might be for you to prove that your injuries are from the crash. A delay could reduce how much compensation you get or prevent you from making a claim at all. Seeing a doctor for evaluation after a crash helps you avoid a missed injury and can help you when making a claim over the crash.


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