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Holiday crashes are more likely over a busy Christmas season

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The holiday season is here, and it’s a good time to talk about the potential spike in drunk drivers. In states across the country, it’s normal to see an increase in those driving while intoxicated because of traveling out of town to see family, meeting with friends and having holiday events.

While people might not be traveling as much in 2020, the reality is that there are still going to be plenty of people on the roads. Florida ranks second in terms of Christmas weekend motor vehicle deaths for 2018, and that could persist this year.

Holiday crashes are largely attributed to drunk driving

According to data from 2018, a large proportion of holiday crashes resulting in death can be attributed to drunk driving. Approximately 33% of all Christmas weekend crashes in 2018 were linked to drinking and driving.

Traveling this holiday season? Avoid the deadliest days and hours

It’s important to know when you’ll be the safest on the road. Avoid traveling in the late afternoon, early evening or night if you want to have the best chances of being on roadways without drunk drivers. It is worth noting that the majority of these crashes happened later in the day, so those who were traveling may have finished up with their holiday parties and started heading home or to their next event. Approximately 51% of motor vehicle deaths occurred during the nighttime hours.

If you plan to drink at your event, stay clear of alcohol or make sure that you have a ride home. Be safe, and you can enjoy the season with less risk to yourself and others.


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