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3 common causes of motorcycle accidents (and how to avoid them)

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If you enjoy riding a motorcycle, you are probably also familiar with how dangerous it can be. Riding a motorcycle puts you at risk of being hit by others who aren’t paying attention or who are reckless on the roads. You have little protection around you, so any kind of impact could be life-altering.

There are several reasons why motorcyclists are more likely to get hit than others. Some include that:

  • Drivers may be distracted or inattentive
  • Drivers may violate laws or be reckless by speeding or cutting into lanes
  • Others may not see motorcyclists due to their smaller sizes and other factors
  • Some drivers have careless driving behaviors

These are some general issues that motorcyclists run into. Here are three frequent causes of crashes that are more specific.

  1. Unsafe lane changes

The first issue is when drivers make unsafe lane changes. For example, a large truck’s driver may start pulling into a lane and not know that a motorcyclist is in the lane. A person driving a car might quickly switch between lanes not realizing that a motorcyclist is approaching. Generally speaking, the combination of quick moves with blind spots and a lack of paying attention puts motorcyclists at a higher risk of impact.

Motorcyclists can’t do much to prevent these lane changes, but they can take steps to avoid crashes by slowing down to let people pass or by revving or honking to make their presence known.

  1. Car doors

Car doors are another risk that motorcyclists have to consider. Drivers who are parking parallel to roadways need to be careful not to swing their doors out into oncoming traffic, or else a motorcyclist could end up involved in a door collision.

To avoid this, motorcyclists should pay attention to vehicles parked on the side of the road and look for signs of movement. Honk to let drivers know you’re approaching, or ride toward the center line to avoid a door that may swing out suddenly.

  1. Drunk driving

Drunk drivers put everyone at risk, not just motorcyclists. To help avoid motorcycle crashes caused by drink drivers, it’s a good idea not to drive at night whenever possible. If a driver is driving oddly, pull over or move to a different lane to avoid them. Call 911 or the police to report the incident.

These are a few common causes of crashes and how you can avoid them. Stay safe by being attentive to your surroundings, and remember to report any crashes that do occur.


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