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Red flags that a client may complain about construction defects

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2021 | Construction Litigation |

Construction company owners do have to be wary of mistakes, as construction defects are real issues that can impact both commercial and residential projects. Mistakes made on the job can lower the value of a property. 

That said, there are certain types of clients who are impossible to please. This could mean they’re also more likely to claim there is a defect or an issue with the end result, even when you know that your crew did an excellent job. They may also be unreasonable about minor problems and resort to litigation before they even try to resolve the problem directly.

Knowing what red flags to look for can help you know if such a dispute is likely. 

Types of difficult clients

While every client is unique, there are certain people who get into disputes more often, and a few examples include:

  • Someone who always believes they are being overcharged, regardless of standard rates in the industry.
  • Someone who believes they know more than the contractors and subcontractors who are on the job.
  • Someone who has had a negative experience in the past and is, therefore, nervous that it will happen again.
  • Someone who wants to avoid pulling permits and expresses a willingness to take other illegal action, often for the sake of saving money.
  • Someone who is very indecisive and unsure what they want. Their vision for the project may keep changing, which makes it impossible to match their expectations.

As a company owner, it’s not that you can’t work with these individuals, but you just need to be aware that a dispute may be more likely if you do. If one does arise, you also need to know what legal steps to take. An experienced advocate can defend your interests when there’s a problem.


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