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Why businesses have security guards that circulate in their parking lots

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2021 | Personal Injury |

When you think of the businesses you frequent, whether at a mall, medical center, sports arena, or elsewhere the odds are high that you recall some kind of security presence around. At a minimum, a business may have security cameras in place or a security guard that drives around their facility and parking lot to monitor what’s happening.

They do so to protect your security and thus minimize their liability in the case of a problem. Here’s how an active security presence can help:

Crime deterrence

Carjackings, robberies, kidnappings, assaults and vandalism are some of the many criminal offenses that often occur in parking lots. Most business owners have security guards circulating throughout their parking lots to deter would-be criminals from committing such violent acts, destroying their property and driving recklessly. It’s not uncommon for security guards to work closely with law enforcement officers to help them track down offenders.

Rendering aid

Security guards are also responsible for summoning help or rendering aid to those in need when they suffer an injury or illness on their premises. These guards may cordon off an area or corral bystanders to ensure that an afflicted individual receives timely care. They may also do this to protect others from any potential dangers that exist. 

Identifying potential hazards

Another responsibility that security guards have is observing the facilities and grounds that they protect and reporting any dangers they note. They may often find themselves corraling shopping carts, giving vendors or workers access to restricted areas or responding to fire or security alarms. 

When the security is sub-par

While many businesses have security guards to watch after their employees, customers, and premises, many don’t. Other companies may have security guards yet fail to adequately train them to handle certain situations. 

Guests and visitors may suffer catastrophic injuries or die due to a lack of or ineffective security on a company’s premises. When you’ve been injured because a company’s security was sub-par, it may be time to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. 


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