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Beware of spinal cord injuries after a crash

| Apr 26, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A crash’s force is likely to be hard on your body. One of the most serious injuries that you might suffer in a collision is a spinal cord injury. First responders may be able to readily notice that you might have suffered one of these injuries at the scene of the accident. 

The long-term impacts that spinal cord injuries have on car crash victims may vary depending on several factors. The severity of the injury and the location of it are two details that matter. 

Location of the injury

The location of the injury determines how lasting the impact will be on certain body parts. The affected areas generally fall below the level of the injury. Cervical injuries are more likely to impact you more than a lumbar one will.

The severity of the injury

The severity of the injury is also important. Spinal cord injuries can be either complete or incomplete. Doctors will base their classification of your injury as either one or the other on how much sensation and movement you have below your injury site. 

An injury is complete if you don’t experience any movement or sensation below your injury site. Patients with this type of injury don’t have as great a chance for recovering functionality as someone with an incomplete injury. Doctors may classify an injury as incomplete which the victim has at least some movement or sensation below their injury level.

Spinal cord injuries can be costly to treat

Crash victims who have spinal cord injuries should ensure that they get the medical care they need. They may decide to seek compensation for the damages they suffer during the crash. This is done by filing a personal injury lawsuit in the civil court system. 

Working with an attorney who’s familiar with these cases is beneficial, but you should do this quickly because statutes of limitations apply in cases such as this. 


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