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Can I recover damages for pain and suffering after a car crash?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

It is almost impossible to accurately quantify the full impact of a car crash on your life. Some of your losses will have prices attached to them, like hospitalization and the cost to repair your vehicle or replace it if the insurance declared it a total loss. Other financial consequences of a crash can take much longer to manifest and can persist for years without having a direct financial cost.


Lingering pain, for example, can have long-term implications on your quality of life and work performance. An injury that affects your ability to work or your bodily comfort can reduce your earning potential for the rest of your life if symptoms persist.


When a car crash leaves you in severe pain, can you pursue a pain and suffering claim to increase your compensation?


Florida does sometimes allow pain and suffering claims

Under state personal injury laws, it is possible for an individual hurt in a car crash through the negligent or wrongful acts of someone else to sue that person and ask for compensation. Those hurt in severe crashes can potentially ask for reimbursement.


Lawsuits allow people to ask for compensation for financial or economic losses, like wages they didn’t earn while they were in the hospital, as well as the medical bill from for their stay, especially if their costs exceeded no-fault coverage.


Florida does also allow people to seek non-economic damages, although those can be harder to obtain than economic losses. The severity of the injury and how long it persists will influence how the courts view of a pain and suffering claim.


The injury will typically need to be permanent and debilitating. It should either affect bodily function, worsen a pre-existing medical condition or cause permanent disfigurement to qualify for compensation in Florida.


Good support helps you maximize the compensation you receive

Understanding how the Florida courts handle personal injury claims and what the law entitles you to can make it easier for you to seek compensation after a car crash hurts you and damages your property.


Instead of wasting time and money pursuing claims with a low likelihood of success, you can focus your efforts on the best return for your investment if you have someone to guide you through this process.


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