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Florida amps up efforts to stop cars from buzzing bikes

On Behalf of | May 10, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Summer is on its way, and there are plenty of bicyclists and motorcyclists out there on the road already.

With that in mind, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FDHSMV) has declared May “Share the Road” month. The main goal is to educate drivers about their obligation to give motorcyclists and bicyclists the space they need on the road.

Many drivers have no idea about their obligations to bikers and cyclists

Accidents involving motorcyclists and bicyclists are distressingly common in Florida. The vast majority of them involve a passenger vehicle or truck getting too close to a motorcycle or bicycle on the road. By law, drivers are not permitted to share lanes with a motorcycle. Motorcycles are supposed to be given the whole lane.

In addition, while drivers are permitted to share the lane with a bicyclist while they’re passing the rider, they must give the rider a minimum of three feet of clearance at all time.

The education campaign isn’t the only measure being taken to protect riders

The Florida Senate has also recently passed SB 950, which mandates a public awareness campaign focused around a driver’s obligation to give bicyclists and others on the road enough space. It is also designed to make enforcing the rule a bigger priority for officers in hopes that the fear of a ticket will dissuade drivers from buzzing (getting too close to) bikes.

Ultimately, your safety on the road is only partially in your control. If a distracted or aggressive driver crashes into your motorcycle or bike, you have every right to expect compensation for your injuries and losses. Talk to an attorney today about your options for recovery.


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