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Rumble strips, guardrails and barriers: What purpose do they serve?

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Driving on the highways in Florida shouldn’t be a dangerous activity; however, motor vehicle crashes claim the lives of many victims each year. There are many safety features that highways contain that are designed to mitigate the risks drivers face.

While you may inherently recognize rumble strips, guardrails and barriers on the roads as safety features, do you really know what purpose they serve? Read on to learn more

Rumble strips

Rumble strips are present on highways to help prevent drivers from veering off the roadway if they’re fatigued or distracted and aren’t paying close attention to driving. 

These are tightly packed rows of indentions in the asphalt that are put there when it’s still wet. Drivers will feel intense vibrations and hear the noise from the tires hitting the rumble strips. That noise and feeling should wake the driver. Rumble strips are highly effective. 

Guardrails and barriers

Guardrails are often present on exterior edges of roadways, including bridges and curves to help prevent drivers from going off the roadway. They’re also present between divided highways to prevent head-on collisions if a driver from the opposite direction leaves the interior roadway. Some roadways also include central barriers to prevent these types of crashes. 

As you’re driving on the highway, remember that safety is also the responsibility of each driver. These safety measures can help, but all drivers must avoid driving while they’re distracted, fatigued, or impaired. 

Anyone who suffers an injury in a motor vehicle wreck should seek compensation from the liable party for the losses they have suffered. An experienced advocate can help you proceed with your claim.


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