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How might claimants make their conditions or losses worse?

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2021 | Insurance Defense |

Most insurance claims are straightforward. An individual reports an injury because a car crash or a job accident caused medical bills or made them miss work. They get bodily injury coverage or workers’ compensation benefits. Once they recover, they go back to work and move on with their life.

Unfortunately, some cases become more complicated, sometimes because of what the claimant does or fails to do. People may not get better and could struggle to return to gainful employment after an injury or illness.

Insurance companies have an obligation to pay claims in good faith. However, there is a situation in which insurance companies could deny future benefits to claimants because they have made their own medical condition or wage losses worse.

Those who don’t follow medical orders can hurt their own recovery

The treatment necessary to recover after an incident on the job or a car crash isn’t always pleasant or fun. Workers may need to endure extended recovery after a surgery or commit to daily exercises as part of a physical therapy regimen.

When those who are sick or injured do not follow the recommendations made by a doctor, they could negatively affect their own prognosis. Not only could they keep themselves from getting fully better, but their lack of improvement might extend how long they required disability or wage replacement benefits.

In circumstances where a claimant has not complied with medical instructions, the insurance company involved may have a strong defense against future claims. Understanding when your liability ends as an insurance company can help you minimize how much you pay unnecessary or inappropriate claims.



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