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3 common causes of truck accidents in Florida

| Nov 1, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

There are various hazards that road users need to be wary of in Florida. Traffic accidents can be extremely traumatic, both emotionally and physically. 

Accidents that involve trucks and commercial vehicles present an even greater risk of catastrophic injury. Trucks are typically much larger than anything else on the road, placing other vehicles at a significant disadvantage. 

Being aware of the most frequent causes of truck accidents could help to ensure your safety. Outlined below are three common causes of truck accidents in Florida. 

Driver fatigue 

Truck drivers often have to travel extended distances within a certain period of time. However, there are laws in place that limit the number of hours truck drivers are permitted to drive without taking a rest. Financial pressures and tight deadlines may tempt truckers to violate these regulations. However, the consequences of this can be devastating. 

Mechanical failures 

Often, road traffic accidents are the result of driver error. However, this is not always the case. Various factors may contribute to mechanical malfunctions, such as poor design, manufacturing errors and inadequate maintenance. Malfunctions that occur with both tires and brakes can be especially dangerous, as a driver is likely to lose control of the vehicle in the event of an unanticipated hazard. 

Unsecured cargo 

Generally, trucks carry items from point A to B. Often, cargo can be heavy, which may impact the vehicle’s performance. Heavy, unsecured cargo may lead to the vehicle becoming unbalanced. Additionally, unsecured items might become completely detached and end up strewn about the roadway.

Recognizing some of the common causes of truck accidents in Florida could help to protect you. If you have been hurt in a road traffic accident, learning about your legal rights may also benefit you. 


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