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2 bad driving practices that put pedestrians at risk

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Although many people in Florida opt to get from A to B with a vehicle, this is not everyone’s first choice. For various reasons, people commonly choose to get around on foot. Often, the milder climate encourages people to take advantage and stay fit and healthy. Others just simply can’t tolerate the stress of rush hour. 

Nevertheless, there are times where cars and pedestrians will have to share the same space. This can create the potential for accidents, especially when drivers are engaging in ill-advised practices. Outlined below are some of the key behaviors pedestrians should look out for. 

1. Aggression 

Florida law imposes strict regulations for both drivers and pedestrians regarding who has the right of way. In some circumstances, drivers should yield to pedestrians, and in others, that responsibility falls to those traveling on foot. When a driver is faced with a tight deadline and feels they have the right of way, they may be tempted to drive around pedestrians obstructing their path. The result can be an accident that inflicts serious injuries. 

2. Distractions 

Distracted driving is the root source of many devastating accidents. It only takes one second of not paying attention for an incident to occur. Drivers should refrain from using cellphones or other electrical devices while in motion. It is best if pedestrians do the same to give themselves the best chance of spotting a driver who is not paying attention.  

The injuries associated with pedestrian accidents can be catastrophic. Pedestrians are simply not afforded the same levels of protection as motor vehicles. If you have been hurt while walking to work or taking a stroll, there may be legal options at your disposal.



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