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A car accident can seriously damage your eyes

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Our eyes play a vital role in almost everything we do. However, we often take this part of the body for granted. Vision seems to be almost automatic, and we generally don’t give too much thought as to how it works.

Nonetheless, damage to our eyes can create serious difficulties. The eyes are relatively delicate and being in a car accident exposes them to harm. Understanding the more common risks posed to the eyes during car crashes could raise awareness and help to prevent further accidents.

Fractures to the orbital bone

Our eyes are contained within the eye socket, otherwise known as the orbital or ocular bones. During a road traffic collision, these bones can be compromised. Not only can fractures to the orbital bones be severely painful, but the trauma can result in blurred vision and even permanent eye damage.

A detached retina

Trauma to the head has the potential to lead to retinal detachment. The common symptoms of this injury include floaters in your field of vision, light flashes or dark spots. It is not uncommon for a person to go completely blind after suffering such an injury, and seeking immediate medical help will offer the best possible chance of making a recovery.

We often take our vision for granted but it is crucial to protect it when on the roads. If your eyes are causing you problems after an accident, it is vital that you seek immediate medical attention.

Not only can eye injuries cause you significant distress and pain, but they can also result in you being unable to work for extended periods, meaning that you lose money. To lessen the financial burden after a crash, it may benefit you to explore the legal possibilities of pursuing compensation.


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