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Passing a vehicle on the road can be risky 

On Behalf of | May 5, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

You might think that successfully passing another vehicle is no big deal. People do it countless times every day, on rural backroads and major highways. But think again. Remember everything it involves. To pass safely, you have to execute it perfectly.

First, you have to increase your speed. Then, you move over into the lane of oncoming traffic, checking to be sure that no cars are near yours that are coming directly at you. Next, you have to go past the other car without interfering with them or putting yourself in harm’s way. Finally, you return to your original lane. 

It sounds like a breeze, doesn’t it? In reality, though, it’s pretty tricky. Timing it correctly is critical. So is using great caution every step of the way.

It pays to brush up on your passing technique

You never know when you may choose to pass another vehicle. Sometimes, it might be unavoidable, especially if the vehicle in front seems like it’s moving at a snail’s pace. Reviewing the rules for doing it safely is a good idea. Here are some things to take to heart:

  • Take stock of the weather, traffic and road conditions before attempting to pass. Don’t do it impulsively.
  • Make certain that passing is allowable on that section of the road.
  • Ask yourself if you have sufficient room to pass.
  • Activate your left-turn indicator to make your intended maneuver known to other drivers.
  • Pass to the left of the other vehicle.

There can be passing perils

Watch out for your vehicle’s blind spots when you pass. Furthermore, if a vehicle is coming toward you in the other lane and you see that it’s closer than you first thought, don’t even attempt to pass.

Be safe if you pass a vehicle

A lot of conditions have to be just right in order to pass another vehicle. A car or truck might try to unsuccessfully pass you where or when they shouldn’t, resulting in an accident that causes injuries

If you are hurt in such a situation, compensation for your losses may be available for you. An experienced advocate can help you learn more.


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