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5 tips for staying safe on your bicycle this summer

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Going out for a bike ride is often a child’s first taste of true freedom. Even as an adult who can travel wherever you want and operate a motor vehicle, there may still be something special about self-propelled, two-wheeled transportation.

Whether you go out biking as a form of exercise or use it as a means of local transportation, you need to be aware of your safety. You never know what people in four-wheeled motor vehicles might do, even if cycling is second nature to you after so many years.

What are some of the top safety tips for cyclists on the Miami roads?

Helmets are for everyone, not just kids

There are many adults who treat bicycle helmets like a kids’ accessory and not a crucial piece of safety gear. The brutal truth is that anyone can suffer a life-altering brain injury in a crash, regardless of age. A helmet reduces your likelihood of a severe injury and might even save your life.

Prioritize visibility

Do you have headlights and illuminated turn signals on your bike? Especially if you drive at night or during transitional times of day, like the morning or evening, investing in LED turn signals and a headlight for your bike could be a very smart safety investment. More reflectors on your bike and bright colored or reflective gear for you could also help draw attention and potentially save your life.

Follow traffic laws

Many of the same rules that govern driving also apply to cyclists. You need to follow the flow of traffic and indicate your intention to turn or stop. You need to yield the right of way when approaching intersections at the same time as other vehicles and avoid impairment on the road. When you follow traffic laws, you reduce your likelihood of causing a crash yourself and improve your legal right to claim compensation if you do get hurt.

Engage in defensive biking

You know how to follow the law, but you never know what other people will do. You need to operate under the assumption that others will fail to notice you and may put you at risk. When you pause a little longer to double-check for traffic or wait to see what a driver will do, you potentially save yourself from a life-altering collision.

Being proactive about your own safety can reduce your likelihood of getting into a crash with a car while out on your bike.


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