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What are the safest states for cyclists?

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Bicycles are an immensely popular form of transportation utilized by people of all ages. For children, bicycles are often their first taste of freedom. For adults, bicycles can be a healthy way to get around a neighborhood or a way to exercise with the family.

Unfortunately, needing to share the road with bigger vehicles means that bicyclists can sometimes suffer serious injuries or die through no fault of their own. Distracted drivers and people under the influence of alcohol can easily make mistakes at the wheel that lead to life-altering consequences for the affected cyclist.

Factors ranging from someone’s location to the time of day that they go for rides can influence how likely they are to get hurt in a crash. Location is a major consideration, as a handful of states are where the vast majority of fatal cycling crashes occur.

What states are the safest for bicyclists?

According to a review of 2018 and 2019 crash data, the safest states for cyclists are Massachusetts, New York and Illinois. Florida is one of the most dangerous states for cyclists.

Overall, Delaware is where cyclists have the highest risk for a fatal crash when you look at the number of deaths compared with the number of miles traveled on a bike. South Carolina holds second place on the list, while Florida comes in third place. However, if you were to base the degree of danger on the number of cyclist fatalities per capita, then Florida takes the top spot on the list.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give up cycling or keep your kids off of bikes altogether, you should consider the risk when choosing when and where to ride. Factors that contribute to bicycling crashes include intoxication and distraction, which can affect either a motorist or a cyclist.

Avoiding the roads in the evening when people head home from bars and restaurants could help reduce your risk. So could avoiding areas frequented by tourists who are often distracted while trying to navigate an unfamiliar area. Learning more about bicycle collisions is a good starting point for those trying to stay safe on the road or handle a personal injury claim following a crash.


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