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Who is actually liable for delivery vehicle collisions?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

There are countless vehicles on the Florida roads that at least serve a part-time function as a delivery vehicle. Many people with other careers sometimes Moonlight as grocery or meal delivery drivers to augment their income. There are also thousands of proprietary fleet vehicles delivering packages for major package companies like UPS or large retailers like Amazon.

Although the professional drivers that work for company fleets often have good driving records and additional training, plenty of delivery drivers have questionable skills. Who is technically liable for a crash when you end up hurt by a delivery vehicle?

The insurance company

Individuals who drive their own vehicles for delivery purposes often have to pay extra for specialty insurance coverage. Even if they failed to do so, you can probably still bring a claim against their personal automobile liability policy.

The vehicles in a commercial fleet will almost always have a commercial policy that applies. Typically, you could make a claim for both property damage expenses, like the cost to buy a new vehicle, and injury-related expenses, like medical bills and lost wages.

The individual driver

Sometimes, it is obvious that the driver did something inappropriate or possibly illegal. They may have turned on a red light because they are in a rush or remained so focused on their phone confirming an order that they failed to see the traffic risks right in front of them. In a scenario where a delivery driver did something negligent or illegal, you may occasionally have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit against them.

The employer of the driver

There are many situations in which the company that employs the delivery driver may have partial responsibility for the crash they caused.

For example, drivers working exceptionally long shifts or subject to a requirement to interact with mobile devices while working may cause a crash because of the company’s policies. There may also be pre-existing evidence that the driver who caused the wreck is not safe on the road, which might mean the company was negligent in its decision to hire that individual.

Discussing the recent commercial collision you experienced involving a delivery driver could help you get the compensation you need after a serious crash.


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