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Who pays for medical bills after a car crash?

As soon as you noticed the car out of the corner of your eye, you knew that it wasn't going to stop before hitting you. You had the right of way, and the other driver wasn't paying attention. You survived the crash, but you had to be hospitalized for days.

After an auto accident, you may not be sure how you're going to pay for your medical bills. The most important thing to do is to make sure you get treated for your injuries. After that, you can focus on the expenses.

What can you do to prevent a dog bite?

It would be difficult to locate any person who had never been in contact with a dog. Dogs are popular pets in America and in other places around the world. For the most part, these sweet animals do no harm to their owners or the people around them.

However, you can't forget that dogs, although domesticated, come from wild animals. They have prey drives and can become aggressive when placed in difficult situations. Even the gentlest dog has the potential to turn on an owner or other person if it's sick, tired or scared.

John Moriarty & Associates sued over contraction defects

If there's a construction defect affecting a property you own, you'll do anything you can to make sure the person who caused it fixes it and compensates you for your trouble. That's what's going on in this case in Florida. According to a recent news article, Icon Brickell has filed a lawsuit against John Moriarty and Associates of Florida along with 20 subcontractors.

The complaint states that the deceptive and unfair trade practices act was violated by the individuals when they installed PVC piping that was not compatible with metal piping already used in the condominium portion of the original project. It's alleged that the construction defects caused should have been known about before, since CVPC pipe combined with metal materials can lead to damage and deterioration over time.

Simple steps to take after a motor vehicle accident

Do you fear that you could one day be part of a motor vehicle accident? Are you concerned that you won't know what to do if you find yourself in this situation?

Even though this type of accident is sure to throw you for a curve, there are steps you can take to ease your anxiety to ensure yourself of avoiding additional trouble.

Avoiding malpractice lawsuits: When the diagnoses is rare

There's no question that some diagnoses are difficult to make. When doctors attended school, most were given the same advice: Don't look to rare possibilities first. Start with the basics, since those are the most likely causes of injuries or illnesses.

The problem for some is that their patients will end up with rare diseases or illnesses. While most of these cases won't cause a malpractice lawsuit if the patient takes longer to be diagnosed, it's a possibility to face a lawsuit if you diagnose the patient with the wrong condition.

What do you need to do when you see business machinery?

You don't want to sell your business, but you want to get rid of some of your property. You have several pieces of machinery you no longer need, and you could use the money for marketing and expansion.

Before you sell your asset, you need to make sure you understand the legal process for doing so. Selling your assets requires a large amount of documentation. Here are a few things you may need.

Here's what to look for in your next contractor

Contractors and adjusters have a responsibility to their clients. They should provide bids for the work they will perform that match with industry standards. They should hold to the contracts you have. They certainly should do high-quality work on the budget they agree to.

When you contract with contractors, it's important to avoid going with the first contractor you talk to. You need to get several bids, so you can see a variation in how much each contractor thinks the job will cost. Get a schedule and learn more about each contractor's guarantees.

Should you review a new job contract with your attorney?

So, you've been offered a job. That's great news, and you're ready to take it. Wait a minute, though, and make sure you understand what's in your employment contract.

You need to review the document to see what kind of employment you'll fall under as well as any start or end dates filed. For example, if you're a fixed-term employee, there could be a start and end date, whereas at-will employees may have only a start date. Also, review causes for termination. Every employee should understand what can result in termination, and you should not want the causes to be too broad.

Fight back against accusations of medical malpractice

Learning that a patient has accused you of medical malpractice is devastating. You likely are focused on how to best defend yourself against these allegations. You must decide how you will handle the negative responses and repercussions ahead. You also need to consider your options for defending yourself against the claims.

Determining a defense strategy requires you to take a close look at the circumstances of the case. Once you understand the scope of the matter, you can review the defense options that apply in your circumstances. To decide on the best defense strategy, below are some elements to consider when vetting your case.

Hit-and-run crash injures two women and one infant

Two women and a baby were injured after they were struck by a Cadillac in Miami Beach on Jan. 21 right before 4:30 p.m.

The teenager stole the Cadillac from his stepfather and was turning onto Dickens Avenue from 77th Street when the victims were struck. The women, ages 51 and 21 were in the crosswalk, as was the 3-month old infant in her stroller.

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