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Have a contract dispute? Try arbitration

Contract disputes can turn a business arrangement sour. For most people, a dispute can be easily resolved by talking the problem through with the other party. Both parties might decide to break the contract and move on, or one might agree to be financially responsible for mistakes they made.

Sometimes, it's not that easy to handle a contract dispute. If neither side is willing to negotiate, then you may have to turn to the law for support.

1 killed, at least 4 hurt in crash on Florida Turnpike

If you're driving when another driver commits a traffic violation, there is sometimes a risk that the violation could cause a crash. Even if it doesn't, the risk to the driver and others was higher than it needed to be.

When people make poor choices when driving, they put themselves and others in danger. They can cause pile-up crashes that lead to injuries and take lives. This story of a horrible collision on the Florida Turnpike shows why it's so important that everyone who is driving pays attention, gives each other space and follows the traffic laws.

Construction defect threatening your business? Prepare yourself

As a company that hires contractors to perform labor at your construction sites, you want to make sure that the teams and individuals you hire all do their best to make a safe property. What you hate to hear is that there are defects or problems with a property as a result of someone cutting corners or not fully understanding how to do a task.

Sometimes, it's not actually the fault of the contractors that a job has gone wrong. Once in a while, it's the building materials that fail. In that case, do you know who will be held liable and how to protect yourself against litigation?

What information do you need to make an insurance claim?

If you've been hurt, you know how hard it can be to adjust to the changes that you have to make in your life. Whether it's something like walking on crutches or having to adjust your work schedule because of medical appointments, it can make your life a lot more difficult.

Anytime you suffer a personal injury, it's your right to hold the accountable party liable for your injuries. It might be someone like a teen who was texting behind the wheel, a business owner who didn't take the time to repair a dangerous walkway or another party who was negligent, but they all could be held liable for your injuries.

How can you prevent trouble from construction litigation?

You are a subcontractor. You take your work seriously and always do your best to complete jobs on time or early.

You don't want to end up in court over constract disputes or other issues. There are some things you can do to protect yourself, though, so that you can minimize the risk of having to go through litigation in the future.

CNN settles contract dispute after over a decade of litigation

Contract disputes can sour business relationships and hurt both contractors and their clients. Breaching a contract is often serious because it can result in financial losses and damages. A homeowner, for example, may see that a project is not done on time and be upset because they have to continue to live elsewhere, costing them much more money than expected. An employee might sue over a violation of a contract that leads to a loss of compensation.

Sometimes, disputes happen on a much larger scale. Take, for example, a case involving CNN and its unionized camera operators. CNN has agreed to pay $76 million in backpay to settle the dispute that involved the firing of those same workers in 2003.

As electric scooters become popular, crashes draw attention

If you love getting around the city with an electric scooter, you might be in for a surprise when you see the following news. Researchers claim that thousands of people end up in hospitals, and even more people get hurt, using these devices. Now, the electronic scooters are being blamed for tens of thousands of injuries all over the United States.

Many cities opted to bring these scooters into their boundaries and to rent them through phone apps. The idea is that these rental scooters make it easier to get around the city without a car. The problem is that they can be dangerous and lead to a greater number of traffic accidents and injuries.

Pedestrian safety: Know the increased risk of a high-speed crash

Going at an average speed on a highway is certainly fast enough to cause injuries if a collision happens. In fact, speed is directly related to the severity of injuries in a crash.

More specifically, you can look at the impact of speed on pedestrian injuries. This is a topic that has been extensively studied, so the data is firm in the reality that the faster vehicles travel, the more likely it is that a pedestrian will be badly hurt or killed when hit.

Protect your company against a bad-faith insurance claim

When a person makes an insurance claim, they may believe that it will be approved without question. The reality is that the individual may not get the results they were expecting. The insurance company's policy may not cover that particular type of injury or accident, leaving the alleged victim without the ability to claim.

Insurance companies do have a bottom line that has to be met. After all, these companies are there to earn money, not to lose it. For that reason, any claim seeking benefits should be carefully considered and only paid a fair award.

2 Carnival ships collide on cruise to Mexico

There is nothing worse to imagine than planning an amazing trip and getting hurt on it. You spend a lot of money and time planning the perfect getaway, but when other people don't take your safety seriously, you can end up getting hurt.

Cruise ships are great for getting away, but there can still be accidents. When ships dock, they could collide with the dock or other ships. In worst-case scenarios, people could be badly hurt by a collision.

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