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Buying a home before you sell your current house

Maybe you saw a deal that was so good you could not pass it up. Maybe you had your eye on a house and you jumped on it when it finally hit the market.

Either way, you decided to buy a new home before you had actually sold the one you already owned. However, you wanted to protect yourself so that you would not be stuck with two homes, which you may not have been able to afford.

One key way to use your smartphone after a car crash

You never want to use your smartphone while driving your car, but you can use it in the wake of an accident. With its built-in camera, it is an excellent way to document the scene.

Of course, the first step after any crash is to get medical help for those who need it. Call the authorities. Check on yourself and your passengers. Check on people in the other car, even when they caused the crash. Make sure that everyone has medical help as soon as possible to reduce the severity of the injuries and the odds of a fatality.

Sensory flooding after a brain injury

One common issue after a serious brain injury is known as sensory flooding. It can make it all but impossible for the injured person to hold a job or go out in public.

In an uninjured brain, all of the sensory input gets filtered and sorted through very quickly. Your brain learns what is important and what you need to focus on. It cuts back on the "noise" and allows you to pick out important details.

Lack of success does not automatically indicate malpractice

One common misconception about medical malpractice is that seeing any type of negative outcome means that the doctor was, in some way, at fault. This poor outcome is seen as the grounds for a lawsuit, as if doctors can treat and fix any ailment put before them.

Clearly, this is not the case. Doctors work hard and train for years, and modern medicine is better than it has ever been before. But that certainly does not mean that doctors can cure every disease or help people heal from every injury.

What to do following a slip-and-fall accident

If you are ever injured in a slip-and-fall accident, the moments immediately following are crucial to your care and your ability to file a claim against the property owner. Today, we will take a look at what you need to do following a slip-and-fall accident in Miami, Florida.

You need to document everything possible after such an accident. Write down everything that happened immediately, since it will still be fresh in your mind. Take pictures of the property where the slip and fall occurred, including the exact hazard that caused you to fall and suffer an injury.

For home repairs, use contracts, not assumptions

When many people hire contractors to make home repairs and improvements, they just assume that the job will be done in a specific way. This may work out, but the problem arises when the contractor has different assumptions and the two do not agree on the scope of the project.

For instance, perhaps a roof is leaking. The homeowner hires a roofer, who fixes that leak. Shortly after, though, the homeowner notices another leak in a different area. They feel outraged because they assumed that the roofer would look for any additional problems and fix everything. The roofer, on the other hand, just thought they were hired to fix the one known leak and did not have any obligation to look for related issues.

Key ways to fight back against drowsy driving

Have you ever felt so tired behind the wheel that you're about to fall asleep? Maybe you've even jerked your head up and your eyes open, suddenly terrified as you realized you nodded off for a split-second. It can be very frightening, and it shows you how problematic drowsy driving really is. What can you do to avoid it?

First of all, you never want to drive when you did not get enough sleep the night before. If you know you have to spend some time in the car the next day, make it a priority to get at least seven hours of sleep. Do not try to tough it out on little rest. Your body needs that sleep.

Building wrap must be installed according to instructions

Building wrap is a very important part of a new home, and it needs to be installed according to the specific instructions from the manufacturer. This can be slower and a bit more tedious than some construction crews prefer, but it is the only way to do it and get excellent results.

The problem is that many crews focus on speed and efficiency. They think about deadlines. They want to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Wood rot can lead to serious damage to a structure

When a new building is being created, it first has to be framed. Most of the time, framing lumber is used. You may worry that the frame will become damaged or that you won't be able to keep any warranties on the wood used.

The truth is that you may still retain the warranties and be able to live in a safe home. The best news about wood is that it has been exposed to water before and likely had no ill effects. It does take a long time for lumber to decay from water, so a few rain showers during the construction of your home isn't a big deal.

Dogs with puppies may be more aggressive

Even a previously kind and laid-back dog may become more aggressive when she has young puppies. This is often called maternal aggression. It happens right after the puppies are born.

The reason is that the mother knows she has to provide these puppies with food, warmth, stimulation and everything else they need to live. It is her job to protect them. They are very vulnerable at this age.

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