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Can you sue for a contractor's delays?

When you hired a third-party construction team to work on your project, you trusted that they'd do a good job. Overall, you agree that they are doing that, but they're taking much longer to complete the job than agreed. Instead of the initial 6-week plan, this has turned into a several-months-long process.

At this point, you have asked them when they'll finish, but they have no date in mind. Your business relies on projects getting done on time, and as a designer and engineer yourself, you cannot allow it to go any further. You believe that they're in full breach of their contract and want to litigate.

Car crash kills 1, maims 3 in Florida

It is vital that young children always have safety seats, even if they're being left with relatives or traveling short distances. While the person driving them might not intend any harm, the reality is that any accident can cause a death if a person isn't properly restrained.

That's sadly what happened in a case involving a 2-year-old and 5-year-old girls in Florida. The 2-year-old child was killed, and her sister, 5, has been left on life support.

What should you expect if a contract is breached?

Contracts are there to protect both parties involved in a transaction. When one party is harmed because of the other's actions, they may claim that there has been a breach of contract and seek payment to make up for their losses.

In that case, the payment of damages may be necessary. If damages are paid, they may come in a few forms.

Texting and driving could become a primary offense in Florida

It's a horrifying feeling knowing that someone you love has been hurt or killed as a result of a driver's dangerous behaviors. Sadly, some drivers should no longer be behind the wheel due to their age, while others should have been paying more attention to the road.

Sometimes, there are people who want to make big changes to keep others safe. Take, for example, the lawmakers in Florida who would like to make texting and driving a primary offense. Everyone knows that texting and driving is extremely dangerous, yet people do it all the time.

Be ready to defend against allegations of malpractice

As a medical provider in Miami, your one wish is to do all you can to help your patients. Sadly, there are sometimes complications that you can't control. A patient might have an unexpected allergy, or an infection might set in despite your best efforts to prevent it.

When the worst happens, you're the first to know and care about the outcome. That's why it's so hurtful when you face medical malpractice claims. While many of the claims won't be founded in any truth, the lawsuit that hangs over your head is distracting, to say the least.

Denying a claim: Make sure you have the right evidence

As an insurance carrier, you have an obligation to pay out benefits for legitimate claims. As you know, however, not all claims are legitimate. If you need to deny a claim, you want to be sure that you're doing so correctly.

As a carrier, the best thing you can do is collect evidence on why you're denying the claim. Having plenty of evidence will help prevent a bad-faith insurance claim, even if it's not deserved.

What damages can you get from a breached contract?

When you have a contract with another party, one of the worst things that can happen is a breach of contract. A breach of contract has two forms, a material breach and a minor breach.

With a material breach, one party doesn't complete their duty. As a result, the contract may not be reparable. This means that the party who suffers as a result of the breach has the opportunity to seek compensation through whatever means are allowed by the terms of the contract. Suing, arbitration, mediation or potentially trial could all be methods of resolving conflict.

How much can you expect from a car crash settlement?

Victims of traffic accidents have one thing in common: medical expenses. Even if the visit to the hospital is short and turns up no major injuries, the victim is likely to receive a bill for thousands of dollars in the mail.

The average cost of a car accident in the United States is around $820 per person when averaged out from the $230.6 billion spent annually for collisions nationwide. There are many factors that affect the cost of the incident including:

  • The severity of the collision
  • How many people were hurt in the crash
  • The value of property damaged in the collision
  • The physical injuries suffered

Facing a lawsuit? Know what to expect

There are many kinds of defects that can affect the construction of a building, home or other structure. If a construction team makes mistakes or uses items with defects, they could end up facing a lawsuit.

Some of the most common construction defects include:

  • Mechanical problems
  • Electrical defects
  • Water intrusion with mold
  • Problems with windows, glass and doors
  • Damage to finishes or defective finishes
  • Expansive soils
  • Issues with structural integrity

Dangerous habits that make the roads unsafe

When driving along the highways and city streets, predictability is important. The best way to be a predictable driver is to follow traffic laws. For example, you should always use your blinker to indicate that you intend to turn or to change lanes. Driving with the flow of traffic is another way to remain predictable while behind the wheel. While you might practice safe driving habits and follow the traffic laws, many drivers do not.

Being as aware of bad driving habits as good ones can help you identify other vehicles that might pose a danger to you and your passengers. Once you can identify these drivers, you have a better chance of avoiding a collision.

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