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For home repairs, use contracts, not assumptions

When many people hire contractors to make home repairs and improvements, they just assume that the job will be done in a specific way. This may work out, but the problem arises when the contractor has different assumptions and the two do not agree on the scope of the project.

For instance, perhaps a roof is leaking. The homeowner hires a roofer, who fixes that leak. Shortly after, though, the homeowner notices another leak in a different area. They feel outraged because they assumed that the roofer would look for any additional problems and fix everything. The roofer, on the other hand, just thought they were hired to fix the one known leak and did not have any obligation to look for related issues.

Key ways to fight back against drowsy driving

Have you ever felt so tired behind the wheel that you're about to fall asleep? Maybe you've even jerked your head up and your eyes open, suddenly terrified as you realized you nodded off for a split-second. It can be very frightening, and it shows you how problematic drowsy driving really is. What can you do to avoid it?

First of all, you never want to drive when you did not get enough sleep the night before. If you know you have to spend some time in the car the next day, make it a priority to get at least seven hours of sleep. Do not try to tough it out on little rest. Your body needs that sleep.

Building wrap must be installed according to instructions

Building wrap is a very important part of a new home, and it needs to be installed according to the specific instructions from the manufacturer. This can be slower and a bit more tedious than some construction crews prefer, but it is the only way to do it and get excellent results.

The problem is that many crews focus on speed and efficiency. They think about deadlines. They want to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Wood rot can lead to serious damage to a structure

When a new building is being created, it first has to be framed. Most of the time, framing lumber is used. You may worry that the frame will become damaged or that you won't be able to keep any warranties on the wood used.

The truth is that you may still retain the warranties and be able to live in a safe home. The best news about wood is that it has been exposed to water before and likely had no ill effects. It does take a long time for lumber to decay from water, so a few rain showers during the construction of your home isn't a big deal.

Dogs with puppies may be more aggressive

Even a previously kind and laid-back dog may become more aggressive when she has young puppies. This is often called maternal aggression. It happens right after the puppies are born.

The reason is that the mother knows she has to provide these puppies with food, warmth, stimulation and everything else they need to live. It is her job to protect them. They are very vulnerable at this age.

How long will a broken bone take to fully heal?

As you sit on your couch after getting medical treatment for a fractured bone, you're probably wondering how long you're going to be stuck there. When will the injury heal? How long does it take? After all, a serious injury can keep you out of work, so now you're forced to deal with both lost wages and medical bills.

Every break is different. The location makes a huge difference -- a broken leg versus a broken collarbone or a skull fracture, for instance -- as does the severity. Every case is unique. Ask your doctor, and they can give you a projection for your specific injury.

Why to write out a contrac rather than using a handshake deal

It can feel a bit awkward to ask someone for a written contract when they just want to shake hands and call it good. However, the reality is that handshake deals can be very problematic. You absolutely want to get that contract on paper.

For one thing, a handshake can lead to confusion in the future. You could run into a misunderstanding, or you may both remember the agreement differently. Were you supposed to get that shipment by the end of this month or next month? Exactly how much were you supposed to pay?

5 reasons that construction projects run behind schedule

When a construction project runs behind schedule, it can cost the property owner a fair amount of money. For instance, perhaps the business that the building is being constructed for is fairly seasonal. By running four months behind, the owner misses the season, misses that income and then has to open the doors during the offseason when there is just not much business. You can imagine how problematic this is for a young company.

So, why do projects run behind? There are a lot of reasons, including the following:

  1. Resources run out: Construction projects must have materials and supplies to move forward. A delay in ordering means the work crew has nothing to do.
  2. The weather causes delays: You cannot control the weather, and the weather in Florida can get downright violent at times.
  3. The subcontractors are not reliable: The general contractor may give an estimate and a quote with a deadline that he or she can hit, but subcontractors that miss deadlines can hold up the entire project.
  4. The crews are just overbooked: One project runs behind, then the next. The company does not have enough employees to do everything that it is contractually obligated to do.
  5. Unexpected changes come up: For instance, if it's a renovation project, the company may find out that parts of the original building are not structurally stable after all and it needs to be rebuilt almost from the ground up.

10-month-old airlifted after suffering a dog bite

Children face some of the highest levels of risk when it comes to dog bites. Their size and strength make it harder for them to protect themselves, and they stand right at the height of the dog's head. This often means they are more likely to suffer injuries to areas like the neck, face and chest, whereas an adult may get bitten on the leg.

This danger recently played out in Deerfield Beach, Florida, when a 10-month-old boy suffered a serious injury in a biting incident. It was so severe that he had to be taken over to Broward Health Medical Center via airlift.

Does economic standing influence how likely patients are to sue?

As a doctor, the unfortunate reality is that you worry about getting sued. In every profession, mistakes happen. You know that you are only human. But the stakes feel incredibly high because your patients may turn around and sue you and the hospital for an error they think you should have prevented -- whether that is realistic or not.

Because of this, you constantly consider how likely a patient may be to sue you. From the moment you meet them, it is in the back of your mind. One thing you wonder about is economic status. Does how much money someone has indicate just how likely it is that the person would sue you?

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