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Not many people can say that they get to spend every day doing good work for the community they care about. I am the firm’s founder, attorney Alexander Alvarez, and I am fortunate to have a job that I genuinely care about. My passion for the law and for my clients is the product of a lifetime of experience.

From an early age, I excelled in the writing and research skills that make good attorneys stand apart. My desire to positively influence people around me is a cornerstone of our firm’s practice today. It informs how we approach our clients and how we view success under the law.

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At the Law Office of Alexander Alvarez, our legal team offers every client the benefits of:

  • Comfort in the courtroom: We craft persuasive arguments that hold up in trial, even if our initial efforts involve negotiating a favorable settlement outside of court. We are professional, fair and focused on doing what is right. It makes many other legal professionals eager to work with us rather than against us.
  • Dedication to protecting our clients: Knowing when to stand firm and when to be flexible is crucial to getting results. If our clients are facing unreasonable opposition, we are assertive and effective in ensuring their rights are protected.
  • Knowledge of injuries and industries: I am not only an experienced lawyer — I have taken extra steps to become certified and informed on other issues related to our legal practice such as workplace safety (often issues in trucking accidents) and the analysis of medical records (key to any personal injury matter).

When you first contact our office, you will likely speak with Arlene, our longtime paralegal. She has worked with our law firm since its inception and brings a great deal of knowledge to table when working with clients one-on-one.

Rest assured that no matter who you meet at our Miami-based office, you will be treated with care and attention by our attorneys and staff members. We will help you understand the legal challenges ahead and how they can be resolved favorably in your case.

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