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Advocacy For Your Recovery After An Auto Accident

Drivers of cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and recreational vehicles all rely on the rules of the road to protect them from accident injuries. When negligent drivers fail to follow these rules or make even minor driver errors, the results can be devastating to other drivers and pedestrians alike.

Our goal at the Law Offices of Alexander Alvarez is to make sure injury victims receive fair compensation for what they have suffered in Miami-area motor vehicle accidents. Everyone at our law firm is committed to doing what is right, and that includes helping injured people recover their physical and financial well-being as much as possible.

The earlier you retain legal representation, the stronger your case will be. Discuss your legal concerns with an experienced attorney at our office. Contact us.

Knowledge Of Your Injury And The Medical Records Needed For Your Claim

Whether your accident was caused by a driver who was texting while driving, drunk driving or faced hazardous conditions on the road, your injury claim begins and ends with an understanding of your medical needs.

Insurance companies will value your claim based on the type of injury you have. There are set levels of compensation that insurance adjusters adhere to when valuing claims. As insensitive as it sounds, certain body parts and injuries are worth certain amounts of money from an insurance coverage perspective.

It is crucial that the full scope of your injury is reflected in your medical records. Unfortunately, many injury victims do not know what issues to bring up when working with doctors and nurses right after an accident. They may notice headaches, tingling in their arm or some other subtle symptoms, but not realize they are associated with the accident.

The Personal Attention You Need

The one-on-one conversations we have with our clients and attorney Alexander Alvarez‘s acute understanding of physical injuries help us craft more comprehensive insurance claims on behalf of our clients. Furthermore, he is trained in the same safety regulations that many trucking companies must adhere to when training drivers and maintaining equipment. If you were harmed in a trucking accident, an accident involving passenger vehicles, or a motorcycle or recreational vehicle accident, we can help you.

We can bring to light the medical problems or financial challenges that many of our clients would overlook because they simply do not know to bring them up. We ask the right questions so we can get the right answers and craft the right arguments for your claim.

Contact Us As Soon As Possible After Your Accident

We work closely with injury victims to understand the full scope of their injury needs, so they can recover what they need for initial medical treatments, ongoing recovery needs, lost wages from being unable to work, lost income from employment limitations, and the pain and suffering their injuries may have caused.

Contact our office online or by telephone at 866-270-0589 to arrange an initial consultation. We are here to help you recover.

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