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Stuck on stucco: Common problems

On Behalf of | May 3, 2018 | Construction Litigation |

Stucco has the potential to make a home look beautiful. Stucco is a material that coats your home’s walls. It’s a kind of plaster that requires you to be cautious when considering it. Stucco could be bad for your purchase, but only in some circumstances.

A home’s siding protects the structure from the elements. It’s there to look beautiful, yes, but it also provides an additional layer of “armor.” If the installation isn’t done right, you could find yourself dealing with many different issues.

1. Incorrect flashing

Not using the right materials when putting up siding is a recipe for disaster when stucco is used. Using the incorrect flashing means that the home will become prone to water damage, which could lead to thousands of dollars in repair costs. To maintain its integrity, stucco has to stay dry. All doors, windows and other elements of the home have to be sealed well to prevent water from permeating the stucco.

2. Layering problems

Stucco installation has to be done right. Stucco is installed in several layers. During the installation, an inexperienced builder could make mistakes and incorrectly apply materials. Using too much water in a mixture, layering the stucco too heavily and other possible errors could lead to disaster for homeowners.

3. Marketability

Another issue you could run into is that not everyone is keen on stucco because of the risk of damage. While stucco could last 50 or more years, there are few guarantees that it will stay in good shape, especially if something else goes wrong. For that reason, it’s a good idea to determine if stucco is a valuable asset to the home. Other kinds of siding may be more marketable, making it easier to sell your home in the future.

Keep in mind that not all stucco is the same. Some kinds, like synthetic stucco, seem better, but they’re also at risk for water damage, mold and other issues that could cause damage to your home and investment.

There are many ways that stucco can go wrong, but when it’s done right, it creates a beautiful home with an appealing appearance. If you’re facing a construction defect claim against your company, remember that stucco has its problems, but not all of them stem from errors. This material has weaknesses that homeowners need to consider before they add it to their homes.


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