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Tips for legally breaking an employment contract

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2018 | Contract Disputes |

Almost every job in Florida and through the country is considered employment at will. This means that both the employer and the employee can terminate the terms of employment at any time, often without warning, and will be free of any legal repercussions. Now, there are situations where the employer must give some sort of reason for termination and it must not be discriminatory. Here’s how you can legally break an employment contract.

One of the most common ways to break an employment contract is by submitting your two weeks’ notice in writing to a supervisor or the human resources department. Most employment contracts put a clause in about termination by the employee. Follow this clause and make sure you are doing the right thing in order to avoid any legal issues.

You can also end your employment contract if changes were made to the original agreement without your authorization. This typically happens at the hands of the employer and is grounds for termination of the agreement almost immediately.

It might be possible that misrepresentation or fraud occurred somewhere in your contract for employment. Have it examined by a contracts attorney to determine if this is the case. If so, it might be very easy for you to terminate employment with your employer.

Now that you know how to break your employment contract in Florida without worry of being sued, you can pursue that hot job you heard about from a friend. Most employment contracts are created to prevent business secrets from being sold or distributed to competitors.


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