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Common signs of a poor contractor

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2018 | Construction Litigation |

When the time comes to find a contractor for your bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel or to finish your basement, you will want to find the best out there. Don’t settle for a contractor that doesn’t come with strong recommendations from trusted people close to you. If you do, you very well could wind up begging them to come finish the project. Here are some common signs of a poor contractor so you are not out of luck with your project.

A contractor who walks into your home with no referrals and no portfolio is one you should stay far away from at all costs. This contractor is either just getting started or truly doesn’t have the clientele that will speak highly of them.

Whenever you work with a contractor, you should get the project in writing. When a contractor refuses to get the project in writing, you should avoid hiring them for the job. It could wind up costing you thousands of dollars down the road.

Another sign of a poor contractor is one who operates without a license or insurance. It is required of all contractors that they have a license in their name in order to operate. The same can be said about insurance.

Estimates for projects shouldn’t be pulled down out of thin air. It takes a lot of pictures, measurements, research and other items to put together a legitimate estimate. The contractor should contact you a few days after reviewing your project with their estimate.

Poor contractors are more common than you might think. They are in every field and specialty. They take clients for granted and run with their money. Make sure you can spot the signs of a poor contractor so you can end a poor deal before the project even starts.


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