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Take steps to limit liability in a construction defect case

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2020 | Construction Litigation |

You managed and oversaw a major construction product in Florida, and you thought that it all went as planned. The construction went well, and everything seemed fine.

Unfortunately, it was only a few weeks later that you received a call complaining about mold in the property. You can’t understand how it would develop so quickly in a new build, but after looking into the work yourself, you realize that the subcontractor you hired on had made an error that led to significant water damage behind drywall. This added up to mold that continued to spread.

Construction defects like this can threaten entire projects and make your company look bad. You don’t want to see your reputation as a manager ruined, either. That’s why you should consider working with an attorney who specializes in construction litigation.

What makes a construction litigation attorney special?

Construction litigation attorneys are trained to understand situations like yours. They are aware that there could be many different parties that could be held liable for defects, and they can work with you to limit your own liability in any case. The overall goal of your attorney is to limit your exposure and to minimize the cost of litigation.

Whether you’re facing warranty claims, claims of mold in a new property, masonry claims or others, you need to be cautious about how you proceed. You don’t want to see all your hard work building up a positive reputation tarnished because of whom you chose to work with. Our website has more on what you should do if you need to protect yourself because of a construction defect claim.


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