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How a car crash injury can complicate the life of a single parent

On Behalf of | May 8, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Raising children is never easy, and when you are a single parent or a divorced parent, you have to fulfill the responsibilities often shared by two people. Being a single parent often means that you have very little free time or assistance. It may mean that you work long hours and then come home to do complicated homework before finally tidying up the house.

When you are the one who has the final responsibility for everyone and everything in your house, you don’t have the option of taking time off of work or depending on others to meet your family’s needs. That means that if you get hurt in a car crash, the impact will be not just be on your life but on everyone in your family.

There won’t be a second income to replace yours

Whether the car crash left you with a severe broken bone, a brain injury or a spinal cord injury, you may have medical bills to worry about, as well as a long recovery period before you can return to work. Married individuals can rely on their spouse, while young adults can turn to their parents for help.

As the head of your household, you will have no financial safety net within your own household to help alleviate the strain caused by your inability to work and the costs of the crash itself. Estimates indicate that crashes cost an average of $820 per person involved, but collisions that cause injuries and missed work will cost quite a bit more than that.

Getting help for tasks you usually do yourself is expensive

Whether you need to transport your kids to and from school, go grocery shopping or mow your lawn, you probably will require help with these tasks after an injury. Unfortunately, getting someone else to do that work can be expensive, meaning it will put you in an even more difficult financial situation when you already don’t have money coming into your house.

You shouldn’t have to rely on the goodwill of your neighbors or social acquaintances to survive after a crash leaves you injured. After all, the effects of your injuries will impact not just you, but also your children. Getting help could require that you seek financial compensation, possibly through an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver.


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