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Who is at fault when a cyclist gets doored?

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Cyclists have a lot of potential dangers against them while they are on the road. One of their biggest threats is motor vehicles. Moving vehicles can quickly destroy bicycles and leave a cyclist with catastrophic injuries. Unmoving cars provide their own risks to cyclists.

When a person opens a car door, and a cyclist hits the door, this is known as “dooring.” Dooring accidents have been on the rise recently. When a biker receives a severe injury from a dooring accident, who is liable for the damages?

Determining liability

In a dooring accident, is the person on the bike liable for hitting the door, or is the person in the car responsible for opening the door in the biker’s path? Every dooring accident is unique, meaning the unique events that lead to the injury determine liability between parties. It is more common for the person in the car to be liable for the damage, but it is not guaranteed. A personal injury attorney can help a victim hold responsible parties accountable while pursuing fair compensation.

Avoiding dooring

While it is also the driver and passenger’s responsibility to make sure they are not endangering anyone by opening their door, cyclists can also take preventative measures to avoid these accidents, such as:

  • Giving other cars extra space – parked cars can have someone come out of the vehicle. If you can give the car extra space without riding into traffic, consider doing so.
  • Look for passengers – if you spot a person in a parked car that you are about to pass, keep an eye on them to avoid suddenly opening doors.
  • Wear noticeable gear – bike headlights, neon clothing, and even bicycle bells can alert others to your presence.

A few extra steps can help keep you safe while biking down a street. Take a moment to ensure you are looking out for yourself.

Pursuing justice

When the diver or passenger of a vehicle is not careful as they exit the car, dooring accidents can occur. Keep an eye out of negligent passengers of a car to avoid these accidents. 


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