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Is it dangerous to eat when you’re driving?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Any time a person is distracted behind the wheel, they’re putting themselves and others in danger. They could cause a serious collision or a fatal crash if they run a red light, go off the road or move out of their lane.

It’s important that anyone who is driving knows that they have to be 100% focused on the road. Unfortunately, that is not always how people are. Someone might decide to eat a burger while they drive or to drink hot coffee that they think could help them stay awake a little longer.

The dangerous problem with eating behind the wheel

The problem with eating behind the wheel is that it’s physically and mentally distracting. It makes you think about something other than the road. You might have to look away at wrappers or to find an open cup holder.

If you spill a drink, whether it’s hot or cold, then it could distract you and take your mind off the road. Instead, you might look away and try to clean up the mess. Even a few seconds of distraction is enough to lead to a rear-end collision, going out of your lane and sideswiping someone or leaving the roadway.

Then, there is a very real risk of choking while driving. If you choke while driving, you certainly won’t be focused on the road but instead on dislodging food from your throat. This may make a driver erratic, which could lead to a crash. That crash might increase how long it takes for them to get help, too.

What should you do if you notice an erratic driver?

If there is a driver who is weaving in and out of their lane or who keeps going off to the side of the road and then reentering the lane, call 911 and inform the police. They could be dealing with a medical emergency, like choking, or not be paying attention because of what they’re doing in their vehicle. They should be stopped, so they can be warned to refocus or so that the police can take them off the roads.


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