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How to avoid misunderstandings with patients

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2023 | Medical Malpractice Defense |

A doctor-patient relationship is crucial as it determines the quality of treatment. When a physician has a poor relationship with their patient, misunderstandings may arise, increasing the chances of a medical malpractice claim.

This guide discusses how you can avoid such misunderstandings. 

Pay full attention to your patients 

Physicians should have reasonable schedules to pay attention to patients. Quickening a meeting with a patient to serve others may not be the best move. The patient may not feel heard, and the doctor may miss out on crucial information. Thus, you should be strict about having adequate time with patients.

Additionally, during your meetings, you should listen to your patients. Take note of how they feel, their suggestions and so on. Not only will this allow you to obtain the needed information, but it also helps build trust and respect.

Ask questions

Asking questions can help you get adequate information about a patient. Therefore, even if you are well-informed about a condition, you should ask questions because a patient may have an uncommon symptom that can save you from misdiagnosis and other mistakes.

Send written reports

When you speak with your patients physically or on the phone, always send a written report afterward. This allows you to document all details you have provided them with.

Don’t mix up information

How you record a patient’s information matters. While you should keep a patient’s details in one folder, they should be in different files. For instance, checkup notes should be separate from follow-up ones, and so on.

These tips can help you be on the same page with patients. However, if someone sues you for negligence, it can help to get legal guidance to protect your career. 


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