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There are multiple sides to any claim or legal dispute. This is especially true in the personal injury or business litigation cases we handle. They typically involve concerns from:

  • The plaintiff: This may be the personal injury victim or the individual or business entity that was financially harmed due to a breach of contract.
  • The defendant: This may be the individual or business accused of negligence or wrongdoing, either in causing a physical accident or failing to uphold the terms of a business agreement.
  • The insurance company liable for a claim: This could be the plaintiff or the defendant’s insurance provider. In either case, the company is not typically eager to pay out benefits for costly claims, so its goals may not align with the other parties involved.

Many law firms only work on one side of these issues. As a result, they sometimes have a limited understanding of how to help their clients. At the Law Offices of Alexander Alvarez, we know what to expect when we enter into settlement negotiations or litigation because we have worked cases from all perspectives.

Ultimately, our goal is to help our clients get the fair and favorable outcome they deserve. That begins and ends with personal attention, in-depth analysis and the knowledge and skill to back up arguments in a courtroom.

Injury Claims And Business Disputes Come Down To Dollars And Cents

Pursuing compensation for wrongdoing or negligence is about more than getting all you can get. Under the law and insurance policy terms, every injury is associated with a dollar amount and compensation for financial hardships is calculated in a structured manner.

We thoroughly investigate every claim to understand what actually happened and what damages are the direct result of the auto accident, breach of contract or other instance of wrongdoing that caused harm to an individual or business.

We will not draw out a legal dispute in an effort to achieve extreme rulings. Our clients deserve fair results — something that begins and ends with fair and professional representation.

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