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Promote The Longevity Of Your Business With Insurance Defense

When claims are brought against a business or insurance company, the organization’s main goal is to limit losses it will suffer. Protecting the business’ success and longevity is key to keeping the doors open.

Any claim or lawsuit filed against a business must be scrutinized to ensure the claim is legitimate and warrants compensation. The same goes for business contracts that are in dispute.

At the Law Office of Alexander Alvarez, we understand what types of claims warrant payment for injuries or damages, and what types of cases are merely the products of injury victims looking for a windfall. Our goal is to uphold the law while protecting business and insurance clients from the cost of damage awards and litigation.

Our Miami-based attorneys offer a breadth of experience in the law and outstanding business sense. Contact us to discuss your legal concerns and have your questions answered.

Denied Insurance Claims And The Plaintiff’s Duty To Prove Negligence

Denied insurance claims are often the result of specific insurance policy language that absolves the company of liability. When a coverage dispute arises, even for good reason, the insured may feel compelled to file a lawsuit accusing the insurance company of bad faith.

Our job as insurance defense attorneys is to make sure insurance and business clients are thoroughly protected when analyzing the facts of insurance claims. When a claim is denied, it must be backed up with good reason. The insured must have failed to provide good reason for the compensation requested. This could be because the injury did not justify a certain value in compensation, because the injury was not a direct result of the accident, or because the accident was not caused by the defendant’s negligence.

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